About Heliclass


Heliclass is located at Torrance airport in Southern California. Home of the Robinson factory 16 miles south of Los Angeles. It's a general aviation airport, which means that there are no heavy airliners operating in and out of the airport. The Torrance airport is located in the south bay of Los Angeles. With good weather all year around no wonder why the Torrance Airport is the most popular airport for general aviation in the nation.


The weather in Southern California is excellent for year round training. Only a few days each year are lost due to poor weather conditions.


The closest airport for domestic flights is Long Beach (LGB) and for flights from overseas is Los Angeles Int'l (LAX). We will pick you up at either of these airports and take you to your accommodations by helicopter. Arrangements can be made through us directly.


Payment as to be made in US dollars on a per flight basis but some course are required to be paid in advance. Many foreign students open bank account locally, have funds deposited by wire transfer and then pay by using personal checks. We cannot accept personal checks drawn on a foreign bank.