Helicopter Pilot Licenses

Private License

  • 30 hours dual with Robinson R-22
  • 10 hours solo with Robinson R-22
  • 10 hours ground instruction
  • Books - Medical - Written test - Check ride
  • Total 40 hours - 5 weeks - $13,300.00

In addition to receiving instruction according to FAA standards, you can simultaneously receive instruction according to European JAA guidelines, since our instructor is qualified and licensed as a FAA and JAA instructor. For the international student this will provide an advantage when pursuing a European pilot license.

Commercial Helicopter License

  • 45 hours dual instruction with Robinson R22
  • 100 hours Pilot in Command with Robinson R22
  • 5 hours dual IFR with Robinson R22
  • 20 hours ground instruction
  • Books - Medical - Written test - Check ride.
  • Total time: 3 months
  • Total price: $ 45,250.00
  • Total hours: 152 hours

Instrument (IFR) License

  • 40 hours instrument Robinson R22
  • Total 40 hours - 4 weeks - $17,200.00

Checkride Instrument Robinson R22

Instructor VFR

  • 20 hours ground instruction
  • 10 hours dual instruction in flight
  • Written test - Checkride - Book
  • Total 3 weeks - $ 4,910.00

Instructor IFR

  • 20 hours ground instruction
  • 10 hours of dual instruction in flight
  • Written test - Checkride - Book
  • Total - 3 weeks - $4,910.00

Airline Transport Pilot License

FAA Training

The Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) is the highest FAA rating a pilot can attain. The ATPL allows a pilot to act as a company check pilot for a Part 135 operation (after completing a flight with the company’s FAA inspector), and is also required for a pilot to act as pilot in command of a multi-crew aircraft.

Some of the eligibility requirements for an ATPL are as follows:
  • The pilot must be at least 23 years old
  • The pilot much be of good moral character
  • The pilot must hold at least a Commercial Pilot License(H) and an Instrument rating (H) or a foreign ATPL(H) issued by an ICAO state
The aeronautical experience requirements are:
  • 1,200 hours total time as a pilot of which 200 hours are in helicopters, including 75 hours PIC
  • 500 hours cross-country flight time which must be longer than 25nm in a helicopter or 50nm in a fixed-wing
  • 100 hours night flight time of which 15 hours are in helicopters. The night time must be unaided (without the use of NVG)
  • 75 hours of instrument flight time of which 25 hours are in helicopters, and not more than 25 hours are in a simulator

Time Building Flight with R-22

  • 100 hours pilot in command on R-22
  • Total 100 hours - 4 week - $37,000.00

Turbine Course

  • 20 hours: ground instruction
  • 5 hours: dual instruction in flight
  • Jet Ranger book - Written test
  • Total 5 hours - 1 week - $7,850.00

Insurance approved syllabus

Revalidate TR

For a type rating to be revalidated the pilot shall complete a proficiency check in the relevant type of helicopter within the 3 months immediately preceding the expiry date of the rating, and at least 2 hours (including the flight time from the proficiency check) as pilot of the relevant helicopter within the validity period of the rating.

We can offer you the re-validation for the Robinson R 44 and the Bell 206 Jet Ranger. This includes 2 hours flying with our Instructor proficiency check-ride with our Examiner. The price is Robinson R 44 is $1,200.00 or Bell 206 Jet Ranger is $1,590.00. Type ratings are valid for one year from the date of issue.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Prices

Robinson R22 II - Solo $300.00
Robinson R22 II IFR - dual $400.00
Robinson R44 II IFR - dual $800.00
Bell 206 Jet-Ranger B III $950.00
Astar AS 350B2 - IFR $1,500.00
Ground instruction $100.00
Checkride fee $950.00
Medical second class $95.00
Written test FAA Center $180.00

If you need more information please contact us

Cancellation fee may apply