Aerial Photography

Flying with a true photographic pilot is of paramount importance if you want to achieve a great result. In reality there are only a handful (locally) who really understand composition & light and the direct relationship it has with the pilot & handling of the aircraft... couple that with 32 years of working within the Los Angeles area, it means that if anyone can get the shot for you, it'll be Heliclass!

Philippe can either photograph the site for you (with one of our other pilots flying), or if you are an aerial photographer, he'll fly you... With thousands of hours flying as a photographic/media pilot or actually in the role of aerial photographer (USA & France) you'll be guaranteed to get the very best result.

We strive to cater to our client’s needs in a broad range of industries such as real estate marketing, property development, legal, advertising, yachting, special events promotion and more throughout California and France.

Aerial Video And Film

Heliclass offers the most advanced helicopters available for any of your aerial photography needs. Whether you're shooting a feature movie or aerial stills Heliclass has the aircraft, mount, or camera system to fit your need. We feature the best aerial platforms in the industry. This means that you get those difficult shots even on windy days. Our Eurocopter A-star B2 is the flagship helicopter for any type of film work worldwide. No other helicopter comes close to its filming capabilities. We offer the R22 or Bell 206 for budget critical shoots.

All of our turbine aircraft will accommodate our Aerial Exposures International mount, which accepts virtually any camera system that our clients would like to mount. We also offer the renowned Cineflex HD camera system and mount for the best HD filming around. Our pilots are professionals with countless hours of aerial film work flying. They have the experience you need to get the shot right on the first take. Whatever your aerial photography need may be... Heliclass has you covered. We offer our famous lowest price guarantee on everything from helicopters to complete systems.

Heliclass will get you the shot that you're looking for!